A Game With A Purpose

If we aren’t having fun, we aren’t doing it right.

Do/Did you like climbing trees? Do/Did you enjoy getting in the water, caring for animals or the planet, sleeping under the stars, going on adventure? Scouting might be for you.

Scouting is a platform for you to explore your own interest in nature, grow your own skillset with fires, camp cooking, orienteering, conservation, and compelling civic service. 

Scouts BSA Troop 285 pulls from a deep Cub Scout Pack full of kids who have the freedom to explore nature’s beauty and make a whole LOT of noise. We always have room for more. Join us and join the adventure. 

At the Troop level, Scouts work together at meetings to plan monthly campouts, plan their annual summer camp activities, sort out a variety of service opportunities, and enjoy self-directed instructional topics that range from archery to computer programming (~140 options). 















Youth Leadership is the hallmark of Scouts BSA. Youth will have all the tools, help, and instruction they need to build the adventure. Youth will plan their own weekend campouts and activities, cook, and elect their own leaders. Scouts will have the opportunity to earn their own way to adventure with periodic fundraising opportunities, including our annual Troop 285 Car Show.


We’ll camp near and far, explore lakes, rivers, and streams, hunt for fossils, climb high in the trees, backpack through deep woods, and head to the mountains in summer

Favorite camping spots include Fort DeSoto , Soule, Boyd Hill, and Myakka


Service opportunities will include numerous conservation opportunities, trick-or-treat style Scouting for Food, and service to our veterans and those that gave their lives to our country. Our Scouts are keen on supporting the Pride Parade in some capacity. Service is often built in to existing campouts and activities.